Travel Israel offer unique selection of the best seller’s daily tours in Israel.

Established by 5 tourism experts we aim to give each of our travelers the best Israel travel experience.
As we travel a lot ourselves we believe that the best way to really grasp a place is an unmediated encounter and interactions with those who make it what it is – the locals.
We made it our mark to add a personal touch to each tour and let you get the opportunity of meet with locals. In our tours you’ll enjoy home hospitality or meetings with artists or craftsman or get a chance to volunteer, so you’ll make the most out of your trip to the region.
That is why each of our tour is available in different days. We know when the streets are jammed or deserted and want you to spend most of your time in the sites and experience the place (and not the bus).

We are available 7 days a week so there will always be someone to answer your queries.

  • Mission Statement:
    Providing quality guided tours to independent travelers in Israel and the PA, to maximizing the travel experiences in Israel and the region.
  • Offering unique, quality and personal products to independent travelers allowing them to explore and experience the region including nature, historical sites, cultural events, festivals, attractions etc.
  • We do not promote a political agenda of any kind. We encourage and assist our travelers in seeking as many political opinions as one can get in order to effectively formulate your own views.